The video was made based on discussion between myself and Maxime Raffard during a trip to Paris. This particular institution, the Palais de Tokyo, is a contemporary art museum under the then directorship of French theorist Nicolas Bourriaud and Jerome Sans.

It seemed peculiar that one could enter an art space and buy vintage almost ‘everything’ from Japan at escalated prices. We decided to steal a pair of Nikes from the space and pulled together a team to work with on the project.

After some preliminary investigation we found that the security to the entrance was on break at a specific time of the day and that the Nikes didn’t fit. I stole a pair of Adidas - €250.

The piece was originally filmed with three cameras: Max was on the inside looking suspiciously like a tourist. I carried a camera which appeared to be switched off while actress Melody Abad filmed the entrance and the exit. Melody's camera fucked out. Max's paranoia resulted in him filming and interviewing a friend who he found wandering around the space.

These elements all eventually constructed the intricate components of the piece which added to a strange sense of banality. The work operates through the anticipation of theft and is comfortably reliant on the idea of chance. The robbery was done on St. Maxim's Day. I escaped on the back of a scooter.